Kasine Button is the largest polyester button manufacturer in Malaysia. We also have a production facility in Heng Gang – a town in Shenzhen, China. Not the biggest in the latter country but still, we pride ourselves in being a medium-sized button factory with a total of 250 employees in these two locations.

We are a family-owned business with no shareholders. Thus, there’s virtually no bureaucracy. Decisions get made fast. This is very important in today’s business environment as lead time, button delivery and pricing gets more and more competitive.

We aren’t a fly-by-night organization. Our finances are sound and are backed by the two largest banks in Malaysia. Everyone in our team works hard to ensure that business keeps on going, be it through good times and bad. The proof of this is our survival through three major economic recessions – in 1997 (Asian Financial Crisis), 2000 (Dot.Com Bubble) and 2008 (Sub-Prime Crisis).

As we’re in this business for the long haul, Kasine Button continually improves it human resource through training, and upgrades its equipment and machinery by investing in newer, bigger and better ones.

Kasine Button has been around since 1981. Through the years, we have diversified from our core business of manufacturing polyester buttons and have expanded our reach to include the manufacturing of other buttons such as metal buttons, snaps, grommets, natural buttons (shell, wood, corozo and coconut), as well as acrylic, abs and nylon buttons.